Colliers International explains sustainable approach to real estate in Business Chief ANZ magazine


|Sep 12|magazine4 min read

(Norwich, UK, 12/09/2019)

In this month’s Business Chief ANZ, Colliers International Australia Managing Director of Project Management, Scott Anderson, reveals how the business is placing sustainability at the top of its agenda.  

Anderson explains that “Sustainability is fundamental to any business – it’s not one asset class, it’s every asset class, no matter what project you’re looking at. At the very start of the design briefs, we always ask ‘What are all the sustainable admissions that we can introduce into this project?’.” He adds: “We’ve noticed sustainability as a fundamental shift over the last few years. At a macro level, countries have to meet their targets if we want to see real change as the timeline shortens. So, it’s inevitable, and it’s something we think about every day. If you look across the Colliers platform, we have a number of specialist areas that focus on sustainability – whether it be solar, wind or a NABERS Green Star rating.” He tells the publications that Colliers International, which offers a complete end-to-end independent project management service, has completed a number of projects that meet the NABERS rating.

The company’s approach to projects is key to this, says Anderson. He notes that Colliers International avoids short-term thinking when approaching any project and, instead, provides its customers with complete freedom and a strong focus on offering technology solutions.

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