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Inside the launch of Recreo Financial’s OneTrust platform

Dan Renoux, Head of Product, of Recreo Financial discuss disruptive, cloud-based superannuation administration platform, OneTrust

Harry Menear
|Jun 11|magazine3 min read
Dan Renoux
Recreo Financial

Head of Product

“Superannuation is pretty much what I’ve worked in since I’ve left university,” explains Dan Renoux, who has served as Recreo’s Head of Product since January 2019. “I won’t call it a calling, but it’s certainly been what I’ve chosen to do in life. I’ve worked at Barclays in London, at Prudential, but mostly at Colonial First State, which is one of Australia’s bigger retail super funds. I did a stint there of around 18 years - in their solution and product design space, as well as being a solution consultant.”

Renoux has more than two decades of experience in the superannuation sector, and the decision to come to recreo was, he admits, almost born of an equal mix of fascinated excitement and incredulity. “I came on at Recreo doing a lot of the same sort of stuff - it was very delivery focused and we were trying to get the product across the line,” he reflects. “Building a package of software like this is a massive undertaking. When I first found that this company was actually attempting to do it, I was initially a bit apprehensive. It’s just such a risky, difficult thing to do. People have tried and failed. People have burned hundreds of thousands of hours trying to build one of these platforms from scratch and failed. But Recreo has actually done it.”

Renoux finds himself adjusting well to the world of remote work. He says he misses his whiteboard but, like Gionis, remarks on how impressed he is with remote work. “Maybe we’ll just sell our office,” he laughs. “This is great.”



Superannuation is pretty much what I’ve worked in since I’ve left university.

Dan Renoux | Recreo Financial