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Inside the launch of Recreo Financial’s OneTrust platform

Petros Gionis, CTO, and Dan Renoux, Head of Product, of Recreo Financial discuss disruptive, cloud-based superannuation administration platform, OneTrust

Harry Menear
|Jun 6|magazine4 min read
Petros Gionis
Recreo Financial


A two-and-a-half decade veteran of software and systems architecture, Petros Gionis has had a diverse career, ranging from finance to government and defense. His first job out of university saw him designing submarine combat systems for the Australian defence department - a role that required unparalleled levels of care and compliance. “It was a world of really high discipline and engineering standards that you had to adhere to if you wanted to make the smallest changes,” he recalls. “Because of the criticality of the systems, if you made the slightest error you could lose hundreds of lives in a second.”

The next phase of his career - while perhaps not so death-defying - was no less dynamic. Over the next 15 years, he worked across a number of big players in the finance sector, in system architecture roles for big names like Westpac and CBA. During his tenure in the wealth management sector, he came into contact with superannuation projects on several occasions, before joining Recreo Financial in 2019 as its CTO. The opportunity to move from an environment composed of large-scale financial institutions to a smaller, more agile operation was, he recalls, appealing.

As well as the technology elements of his role, Gionis champions the need for leadership within technology companies. “I’ve got a lot of talented, really bright engineers, architects and business analysts. A lot of our IP resides in their heads,” he explains. “A big part of my job is, I think, keeping them motivated. I effectively want them to come to work because they love it, and love the technology that they’re working on and the problems that they’re having thrown at them to solve.”

These days Gionis, like the rest of Recreo’s staff, are working from home. He admits that he misses face-to-face interactions but that the experience has opened his eyes to the possibilities of remote working en masse.



What Recreo offers is a clean slate. It’s an attempt to build something to modern standards that comes in one whole package

Petros Gionis | Recreo Financial