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What's Wrong With Your Social Media Strategy?

|Jul 1|magazine5 min read


Written by Tomer Garzberg

You try and try and try to gain momentum through social media by growing a following, increasing your Facebook “Likes” and getting more reTweets… But did you know that you might actually be scaring some good results away?

The expression, “Build it and they will come” used to work when building your brand meant spending enormous resources. In this day and age, you can get things done in seconds—and so can your competitors. To ensure that your customers come and that you don’t become just another drop in the ocean, stop and think about what you’re putting out there. Then turn yourself into a potential customer and ask yourself, “Would I listen to me?” If the answer is yes, then go for it!

Here’s why less is more, and why you might be your own worst enemy:

1. Too much noise

Your trigger-happy fingers are firing out a million Tweets per second, and you’ve got it synchronised to your Facebook, only to find out your five “Likes” have now dropped to three. People like noise, but they like it vast and varied. Imagine someone was sitting next to you, telling you about themselves over and over and over again—all day. You’d be thinking some dangerous thoughts by the end of that very long day. Instead, try and tease with just a few status updates per day, with a link to your blog or a promotional page.

2. No desire

You keep talking about stuff, but that’s about it—just stuff. Not only are you alienating yourself from your potential customers, but you’re making your competitors look mighty good. Do something crazy like give away a year’s supply of your widgets and watch the people fly in and stick around on your page. There’s nothing like an incentive to get them talking.

3. No multimedia

Those Yellow Pages and newspaper ad days are long gone. You’re not using a typewriter here. Instead, you’ve got immense potential at your fingertips. Invest in a video camera, take some interesting videos, post them to YouTube and embed them anywhere and everywhere. People would rather watch than read. Some imagery and mobile applications wouldn’t hurt either.