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Uber Australia is giving away free rides to customers called Sam

Addie Thomes
|Aug 15|magazine5 min read

Ride sharing app Uber is trying something different on the marketing front in Australia, giving away free trips to anyone called Sam.

Users who sign up by Friday 18 August will be entitled to $20 of free transport every day next week. Anybody whose first name starts with Sam (e.g. Samuel, Samantha, Samir) will be eligible for the giveaway.

Uber is carrying out the promotion in an attempt to broaden its customer base in Australia, calling all who sign up as ‘Sambassadors’ for the company.


“Not everyone may have experienced Uber, but everyone knows a Sam, it’s actually the most popular unisex Uber Rider name in Australia! By enlisting Sams to be Sambassadors for a week, we hope they will share their Uber experience with others too,” Uber Australia said.

For those not called Sam, all is not lost, providing you are a first-time Uber user and know a Sam that can refer you for a $15 free credit.

Uber is also reportedly keen on brining flying taxis to the country, with Sydney and Melbourne being eyed up for potential bases.