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The December issue of Business Chief Asia is now live!

Welcome to the December issue of Business Chief Asia!

|Nov 27|magazine5 min read

Welcome to the December issue of Business Chief Asia!

Gracing the cover of this month’s edition of Business Chief Asia is ING group. Paul Spronk, Head of ING Labs Singapore, discusses the ways in which he and his team are driving global trade innovation.

One of the innovations pioneered by the company, with the potential to reduce the need for working capital, is machine learning powered SoptAI. “Within the industry, the accuracy of forecasting can sometimes be as low as 50%, the same as flipping a coin,” says Spronk. “With SoptAI, early proof points show that we are able to improve the accuracy with double digit figures on most of our client use cases, saving the industry millions of dollars. The system has a proprietary automated model selection engine that helps us to build a scalable business.”


In this month’s City Focus we take a look at Manila, a storied location that has weathered the push and pull of empires to flourish as the Philippines’ economic centre.

Our top 10 sees Business Chief Asia counting down the wealthiest women in the APAC region, looking along the way at how they came about their fortunes.

Enjoy the issue!