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Targeted Tweets are Landing on Mobile Timelines

|Mar 23|magazine8 min read

Watch for the blue checkmark to start popping up more often on your timeline.

Twitter refined its Promoted Tweets application for mobile devices. About 55 per cent of more than 100 million Twitter users who log in monthly access accounts on mobile devices.

Promoted Tweets is an advertising platform that is distinguished by a blue checkmark beside the username. Companies and organizations pay to sponsor these particular tweets.


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The San Francisco company announced three weeks ago the plan that allows marketers to tweet sponsored messages to target customers’ interests and type of phone being used. Tests for Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts started by only showing tweets in users’ timelines that already followed the advertiser.  Reactions have been positive, leading to the next phase of testing.

This less obtrusive method is designed to flow naturally with the current tweet stream compared to the despised and instinct mobile ad product QuickBar. The new Promoted Tweets can also be dismissed with “a single swipe,” according to a company spokesman.

Advertisers can set their tweets to appear only on select mobile devices like Apple and Android or strictly to desktops and laptops. It also offers a more personal feature that allows advertisers to target users following their brands, allowing them to share similar interests.

Keep your eyes on the timeline for that blue checkmark. After all, advertisers are targeting you for a reason.