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Super Retail Group merges Amart and Rebel sports brands amid Amazon arrival

Addie Thomes
|Jul 25|magazine6 min read

Super Retail Group (SRG) is merging two sports brands into one $1bn-plus company as it looks to take on Amazon.

SRG will convert its network of Amart Sports stores into new Rebel stores by 31 October, expanding the Rebel brand’s national footprint to almost 160 stores.

Amart Sports’ store team members will be redeployed and transferred directly to the newly converted Rebel stores and SRG is expecting minimal impact on staff, who it says will be fully supported through the transition.


Commenting on the decision, Super Retail Group CEO and Group Managing Director, Peter Birtles reiterated the Group’s focus on realising its long-term strategy: “The Amart Sports brand has been and continues to be a strong performer for Super Retail Group, however, as a business it is important we are realising a strategy that places the Group in the optimal position for strong and sustained growth, and that we anticipate and respond to changing and market dynamics that continuously evolve.

“Coming together under the one single brand will enable our Sports Division to further accelerate the shift it has made in recent years towards a concentrated focus on delivering the solutions and services that customers today need and want in order to live their sporting passions.

“Focusing on the Rebel brand will enable us to offer customers an expanded range of solutions and services at more locations, concentrate our investment building world-class omni retail capabilities, and further streamline the end-to-end supply chain required to deliver the seamless omni experience that customers expect.”

Amazon is currently in the process of lining up a huge push into the Australian market, eyeing up large warehousing spaces and appointing staff for a launch either this year or in early 2018.