The Song: Apple Hits The Right Note With Holiday Advert

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|Dec 16|magazine4 min read

The holiday season is truly here. In between finishing up your shopping, preparing your feast and making sure your travel arrangements are set, try and set aside a few moments to check out Apple’s most recent advert, titled “The Song”.

The video was released today and has already made it well past a million views on YouTube. The company isn’t advertising any of its products specifically, but instead shows what can be done with a range of Apple products.

Check it out below. Oh, and don’t forget the tissue box.

I have to say, Apple’s marketing has been spot on for the last year or so. The company’s fun and quirky iPhone 6 and 6 Plus adverts featuring Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake convey the renewed energy around their current flagship product. Its iPad commercials featuring Robin William’s monologue from Dead Poets Society lends itself to the power of the device. And just in time for the holidays, “The Song” evokes the emotion all of us hope to feel—love. It’s romantic love, familial love, centred on the season of giving.

Apple was able to evoke similar emotion last year with “Misunderstood”, which depicted a teenage boy who appeared to be ignoring family time only to later show he was filming their time together.

The ability to strike this kind of emotion with your customers and viewing audience is perhaps even more important than viewers being able to identify all of the tech used in the video. When considering your marketing strategies for the New Year, knowing which emotions to play up when (like the giving holiday spirit and love in “The Song”) could be the key to unlocking new business and renewing current customers’ interest in the brand.