Ritase: pioneering digital logistics in Indonesia

Launched by President Jokowi, Ritase - Indonesia’s national logistics ecosystem - is pioneering digital logistics in the country

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In an announcement made by Ritase - Indonesia’s national logistics ecosystem, launched by President Jokowi - the ecosystem is pioneering digital logistics in the country. 

In its efforts to continue to make innovations for its stakeholders, Ritase has finished developing an integrated Trucking Haulage System with NPCT1 which can handle over 1.5mn containers a year.

With over 300 transporters and 15,000 connected drivers, Ritase reports that its application can serve online requests from trucks entering and exiting the port. Using the system is expected to increase productivity and efficiency, as well as providing a safer method during the current COVID-19 pandemic due to all processes being conducted online in real time.

"Ritase is ready to provide full support to all business players in Tanjung Priok, especially NPCT1 terminal users. Our system is integrated with ECON, NPCT1's terminal online billing system, making it possible to access all processes on one platform. This is a breakthrough that will be able to shorten the process for NPCT1 shippers or consignees with traffic reaching more than 15,000 containers per week," commented Ritase's CEO & Founder, Iman Kusnadi.

"This collaborative resource also has a unique opportunity to explore and implement processes and further technological improvements. Our goal is to support global and regional sustainability as well as digital and physical connectivity, to offer the best current and future customer services and reliability," commented Hudadi, Director of NPCT1.

In addition to the digitalisation of truck haulage, Ritase also offers a B2B digital logistic ecosystem including Marketplace, Software as a Service (SaaS), Supply Chain Financing, Retail, Business Innovation Solution and digital wallets for drivers.

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