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Qantas Suspends Partnership with Tourism Australia

|Nov 28|magazine4 min read

Australia’s national airline has suspended its 40-year partnership with the Federal Government’s tourism organisation, freezing a $50 million marketing deal and redirecting its marketing efforts to state-based tourism institutions, the Daily Telegraph reported today.

Citing a conflict of interest between Tourism Australia boss Geoff Dixon, the CEO of Qantas until 2008, and the airline’s current management, Qantas CEO Alan Joyce submitted a letter to Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson yesterday to notify him of the severed partnership.

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The letter is also believed to have touched on the reports stating that Mr Dixon has been “leading a consortium” to remove Qantas’ management team and “sabotage” the airline’s future strategies.

“The Qantas group has advised Tourism Australia that it is suspending future financial support due to a potential conflict of interest of the agency's chairman,'' a Qantas spokesman said in a statement, as reported by The Australian.

“Qantas cannot continue to collaborate with an agency whose chairman is a member of a syndicate committed to unravelling Qantas structure and direction.''

The Flying Kangaroo will continue to market Australia as a tourism destination through state-based institutions.