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Qantas releases customer research into desired long-haul features

Sarah Smith
|Jan 29|magazine6 min read

Australian aviation giant Qantas has released details of its research into the features its customers are keen to see on its long-haul flights amidst its ongoing digital transformation initiatives and plans to become the first provider of non-stop Australia to New York and London flights

The research, conducted alongside Sydney University’s Charles Perkins Centre, accrued data from passengers as they disembarked from London to Perth services and found that health and wellness comprised the biggest trends.

Customers reportedly desire a “sense of separation” from the flight experience which enables them to socialise as well as relax or take part in mindfulness exercise and other entertainments.

The top five suggestions by frequency were the aforementioned sense of separation; space for gentle exercise; wireless headphones; innovative cabin design focused on comfort, sleep, entertainment, dining, and psychological wellbeing; and inflight cafes.

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“Customer feedback from the Perth to London flight has exceeded expectations, especially in relation to the time saved by skipping the traditional stopover and going direct to their destination,” said Alison Webster, CEO of Qantas International, in the firm’s press release.

“The engagement and enthusiasm we’re seeing from this research highlights how passionate our customers are to be a part of the evolution of ultra-long-haul travel.”

“Our job now is to determine where the most demand is and create this cabin in a way that makes it both affordable for customers and commercially viable for the airline. Everything is on the table and we are excited about what innovations may come from this research.”

Qantas plans to begin its non-stop flights in 2022, with announcements on the specifics of the project expected later this year.