Qantas Is Making Holiday Travel A Little More Delectable

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|Dec 21|magazine5 min read

Everyone knows it—traveling during the holidays is just about as bad as travelling gets. The pressure is on to get to your destination on time. And don’t forget the stress of packing (don’t forget anything, especially your gift for cranky Aunt Jean), making sure your family is packed or getting to the airport in time to catch your flight. But if you have the ability to fly first class this holiday season, Qantas is takin the stress of your next meal off your plate.

First-class patrons visiting any Qantas lounge while waiting for their flight will be wined and dined before their flight. Talk about stress relief.

A Moet & Chandon Champagne Bar will be available for those visiting Qantas’s International First Lounge in Sydney, featuring the Grand Vintage 2006, Rose Imperial and Imperial Brut NV champagnes. The food menu is just as impressive, with lobster rolls, brioche with chicken and mayonnaise, organic egg and herbs, macarons from Cacao in Melbourne and teacakes from Brasserie Bread.

Those who spend time in Qantas’s domestic business lounges will be able to enjoy a Christmas cocktail and desserts. Qantas’s international lounges overseas will also partake in the festivities, offering gingerbread Christmas cookies. The Qantas Singapore lounge will offer traditional Christmas dinner options, like roasted chicken with cranberry sauce.

Domestic and international lounges will be offering the holiday fare for through the 31st. International First and Business Lounge dishes will be served through the 26th. Although these tasty treats would be enough, Qantas is offering one more treat for parents travelling with little ones. The Sydney and Melbourne international lounges will have special play places sponsored by Nickelodeon to allow the kids the opportunity to entertain themselves while mom and dad can enjoy a quiet meal and perhaps a glass of champagne.

Information sourced from Australian Business Traveller