Newcastle Welcomes Football Tourists With AFC Asian Cup Fan Park

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|Jan 10|magazine4 min read

This is the first time in the AFC Cup's 58 year history that Australia is hosting, and Newcastle is making sure to take advantage of the opportunity. Many of the matches are taking place at Newcastle Stadium, giving the city a unique chance to host the world's soccer fans.

Until the end of January, fans of the match can visit the AFC Asian Cup Fan Park, situated between The Maritime Centre and The Crowne Plaza Hotel. There is also the AFC Asian Cup Fan Dome at Harbour Square, both locations along the city's famous Honeysuckle Precinct. 

The locations offer viewings of all matches played outside of Newcastle on big screens at the Dockyard Live Site; other festivities and amusements will be open two hours before kickoff.

Below is a list of the fun options families can partake in during their time in Newcastle.

Virtual Shootout. Simply by using real movements as the controls, fans will be able to take a virtual penalty kick in an attempt to beat the goalie and score the winning goal for their team. Each player will have 5 penalties, with a real time leader board showing the day’s top scorers and the overall winning team

Score & Roar. The Score & Roar experience allows fans to create their very own video clip where they play the part of the striker against a real life cheering crowd. Fans receive each celebration video to post, tag and share on social media.

Join the Team. Fans can virtually stand alongside the players of their favourite team as part of the squad in the ‘Join the Team’ photo opportunity.

Digital Face Paint. Interactive touch-screen kiosks will enable fans to pick their favourite AFC Asian Cup team before having their colours digitally and expertly applied to their face. Great for all ages.