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Microsoft updates Bing logo behind Yahoo

|Sep 17|magazine4 min read

Microsoft has updated its Bing logo, bringing it more in line with the company branding, while adding an abstract twist. The redesign includes a very angular ‘B’ and a switch to the Segoe font, which is famously used in Microsoft’s logo. The new font and bold design gives Bing a closer visual association to its parent.

Scott Erickson, Senior Director, Brand and Creative at Microsoft said, “We were heavily influenced by Swiss design with its grid layouts and strong typography, which you’re seeing across the company. This is something I believe in deeply.”

The reworked logo is the first update Bing has experienced in its four-year history and signals that Microsoft is ramping up its efforts to get consumers to think differently about the search engine and how it fits into their lives.

“Customers tell us that search isn’t about a zillion blue links, it’s about providing clarity and insights when and where you need it,” says Erickson. “We’re updating the site and experience to provide answers whether you’re searching on a 3-inch phone or a 55-inch TV. Sitting in front of a computer and typing text into a search box isn’t the only way to find what you are looking for. Bing isn’t just about searching, it’s about finding.”

Since its launch, Bing has been struggling with promoting its identity and convincing consumers that it’s not in direct competition with Google, but rather a ‘decision engine’ as opposed to a search engine. The new logo in part is about re-promoting that fact while aligning Bing with the wider Microsoft offering.

The new logo comes just two weeks after Yahoo revealed its new branding with mixed reviews.

So does a logo really mean that much to a company’s success? Do you think that Bing can actually convince its potential users that it has more to offer simply by updating its font? Join the discussion on our Facebook page.