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Great Barrier Reef is Among Australia's 'Best of Nature'

|Mar 7|magazine8 min read

In a continued effort to attract visitors to Australia, a new destination has been added to the National Landscapes program. Implemented by Tourism Australia and Parks Australia to identify the nation’s ‘best of nature’ back in 2006, the program has continued to add more landscapes to the list.

“The Great Barrier Reef is one of the world’s greatest treasures and we are proud of our management of it,” said Environmental Minister Tony Burke MP in a media statement. “Each of its 900 islands and 2900 coral reefs offers a glimpse into a different underwater world.”


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The campaign is centred on the term ‘national park,’ which on its own is a big tourism attraction. Since Australia boasts more than 600 national parks, promoting the nation’s natural beauty made for a fitting marketing strategy.

Though underwater, the list would be incomplete without mention of one of Australia’s largest sources of natural beauty, the Great Barrier Reef.

“Exploring Australia’s National Landscapes turns visitors into advocates – they get a deeper understanding of the environment, they can see how fragile it is and they want to help protect it,” said Mr Burke.

“Like many of our tourism regions, the Great Barrier Reef wants to evolve and improve what it offers so it can meet the increasingly sophisticated expectations of today’s visitors,” said Tourism Minister Martin Ferguson AM MP. “Becoming a National Landscape is the Reef community’s way of choosing its own future – it has prompted them to think carefully about what makes this place unique and how to reflect that in every visitor touch point, from accommodation and tour options to the signs in public places.”

Australia’s National Landscapes currently are:

·         Australian Alps

·         Australia’s Coastal Wilderness

·         Australia’s Green Cauldron

·         Australia’s Red Centre

·         Australia's Timeless North

·         Flinders Ranges

·         Great Barrier Reef

·         Greater Blue Mountains

·         Great Ocean Road

·         Great South West Edge

·         Kangaroo Island

·         The Kimberley

·         Ningaloo - Shark Bay