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Foxtel to launch targeted TV ad platform with USA’s INVIDI

Addie Thomes
|Oct 24|magazine4 min read

Pay-for TV service Foxtel has entered a partnership with US advertising tech company INVIDI to bring the first targeted TV ads to Australian viewers.

It means that Australians watching the same TV show may receive different commercials, depending on what data Foxtel’s platform holds about them.

Similar to how Facebook selects adverts, it now means that TV companies will be able to compete in the digital advertising space because they can boast targeted marketing.


Foxtel currently has around 2.3mn subscribers across a wide array of audience segments. Research shows that consumers are less likely to switch channels in instances when they receive tailored adverts during breaks.

CEO Peter Tonagh believes the partnership will make Foxtel unique in the market and one step ahead of the likes of Netflix, which at present cannot cross-promote in this way.

TV advertising is making a comeback in markets such as the US, where targeted advertising has convinced advertisers of the value in investing in the platform once more. Addressable TV ad spend in the country is expected to more than double by 2019 – currently it accounts for just 1.3% of overall TV advertising revenue.