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This fashion giant just opened its first store in NZ

Enterprise Monkey
|Oct 6|magazine5 min read

It looked like a Black Friday sale in a small section of Auckland’s Sylvia Park shopping centre earlier this week — but it wasn’t a hefty markdown that had shoppers in a frenzy.

Doors to the country’s first Zara store opened at 9:30am to the sound of claps and cheers. The 300 or so customers then rushed through the outlet, tearing clothes off of rails and shelves within a matter of seconds. The popular Spanish retailer offers men’s, women’s and children’s apparel

At five times the size of the average Sylvia Park shop, there was ample reason to be excited. More than 90 people have been employed to staff the sizeable shop.

The Zara opening comes hot on the heels of H&M’s debut on New Zealand’s shores. Shoppers were queuing outside the retail giant’s Sylvia Park location from 5pm on Friday, 30 September in anticipation of the Saturday opening. There were 500 people gathered near the store an hour before it opened, with dancers and DJs keeping the crowd amused.

Chris Gudgeon, the CEO of Kiwi Property, which owns the Sylvia Park shopping centre, told Newshub that the arrival of both Zara and H&M was a long time coming.

"We've been talking for them for about three to three-and-a-half years. Of course they have rolled out in Australia and the moment they came to Australia we were on the phone.

"We've invested over $20 million bringing Zara and H&M to Sylvia Park so we are very happy to make that investment."

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