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Digital Marketing: 4 Key Things Australian Businesses Can Do To Catch Up

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|Jan 24|magazine6 min read

Australian businesses must adapt better to digital channels if they want to stay ahead of their competitors in 2015. Teradata’s recent Australian Ecommerce Study shows that only 24 per cent of Australian retailers personalise their customer emails, compared with 40 per cent in the UK (1). 

Simon Bowker, Teradata area director for the Australian Marketing Applications team, said, “It is so important to connect with customers on a personal level, so it is surprising the Australian figures are this low. 

“The research also showed that 54 per cent of businesses collect additional information about their customers, yet only 28 per cent of use it to tailor individual communications.”

Teradata believes that in 2015 businesses should be focusing their digital strategies on the following four key things:

  1. Mobile. There will be nearly 2.5 billion global smart phone users in 20152. That number has gone up by 1 billion in just 24 months2. Today, people are increasingly spending more time on their phones as opposed to desktops. Businesses must ensure they are regularly reviewing mobile marketing strategies to connect with target audiences. 
  2. Technology platforms. Configurable technology platforms are needed across an organisation to connect with today’s social media customers. Technology is key to listening to the conversation about your organisation and seeing first-hand the results of digital marketing efforts 
  3. Turning customers into advocates. Businesses need to engage regularly and consistently in a positive manner with their customers. Social media is a key tool that can help turn customers into advocates for your company. 
  4. Solving the big data code. Businesses are struggling to sift through all the data they have to deliver targeted customer communications. Organisations must use analytics to reach customers at the right time with the right message.


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