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Could Hotmail be the New Gmail?

|Apr 30|magazine5 min read

Hotmail has had a facelift and you won’t believe it, but it’s actually awesome. Hotmail, or Outlook as it has been rebranded, is a far cry from the ‘HoTMail’ we all knew in 1996, before the days of Gmail.


The new online email service has many of the great features, which can be found in Gmail, such as cloud storage, contact imports, email imports from old / other email accounts and the ability to use it on a mobile device, however it also has some really cool features such as the option to add Facebook, and Twitter plugins for all your social media updates in place of adverts.

The new Hotmail or Outlook email system is easy to use, fast and navigable. Its fresh, it has a super modern, clutter free design, and truthfully, it makes Gmail seem a little bit out of date. Another great thing, I managed to get the email address I really wanted, without having to add any underscores, numbers or characters, just a simple [email protected] - that has got to be worth something in itself.

What is yet to remain is how quickly this takes off, and if users will flock to the site or not – I am considering it myself, so I have high hopes for this new service and believe it will be a serious thorn in Gmail’s side in no time.

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