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Why is Artmeis Resources drilling a 3,300m super hole in Pilbara?

Addie Thomes
|Feb 28|magazine5 min read

Western Australian resources exploration and development company Artemis Resources is to drill a super-deep hole 50km from its Radio Hill Processing Plant.

The diamond drill hole will be some 3,300m deep and will try to answer questions raised about the formation of Pilbara Basin’s mineral makeup.

In particular, Artemis wants to investigate 31 anomolies it has found in an area that is prospective for base metals, including the possible presence of cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc lead and gold.

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David Lenigas, Artemis’s Executive Chairman, commented: “This is a very exciting super-deep hole for Artemis and the drilling of this hole should help answer many questions surrounding the geology and rock sequences in the Pilbara Basin.

“The Pilbara Region of Western Australia is one of the most resource rich areas in Australia and there has been very little exploration at depth. In essence, Western Australia has been spoilt for choice for shallow mineral wealth.

“It’s time that someone started looking for the source of a lot of mineralisation in the Western Pilbara that has fed the many surface deposits of cobalt, nickel, copper, zinc, gold and PGE’s, within Artemis’ extensive tenement package south of Karratha.

“It will also be very interesting to see if we can find continuity of the gold recorded at around 1,756m in the nearby CRA hole1 that was drilled back in 1984/85 as we drill this hole to test for the potential of base metals, gold and diamonds.”

The company is working through the necessary approvals required to commence drilling.