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Tencent Cloud: first overseas database solutions deployment

Tencent Cloud launches first overseas deployment of its distributed database solution in Indonesian financial services industry

|Nov 18|magazine4 min read

In an announcement made by Tencent Cloud - the cloud arm of Tencent - the provider of internet value-added services, announced that its financial-certificated infrastructure Tencent Distributed Database (TDSQL), is now full operational in the new core system of Bank Neo Commerce (BNC).

"This initiative marks TDSQL's first overseas deployment, and by leveraging the robust support provided by TDSQL, we believe that many more internet-based financial businesses in the country would be able to sustain their development and capture new opportunities without hindrance in technology,” commented Poshu Yeung, Vice President of Tencent International Business Group.

This development marks a first for the organisation, the first time Tencent Cloud has brought the TDSQL overseas. The launch is said to boost Indonesia’s internet architecture for the financial services industry, as well as demonstrating the region's transition from traditional database architecture to scalable and distributed ones.

These new solutions will ensure security and sustain business development as the global financial industry evolves.

TDSQL provides BNC with increased professional reliability, security and experience, alongside a comprehensive set of features relating to data backup, disaster recovery and quick upgrades. 

"BNC is always striving to attain excellence in product strength, technological advancement and experience in implementation, leading us to choose only the best in building a best-in-class distributed system architecture. We are delighted to welcome Tencent Cloud in bringing TDSQL into BNC's new core system, which is in time with our move to boost our business through financial technology. We look forward to using an upgraded database architecture to serve our customers' various and wide-ranging business needs and demands,” added Tjandra Gunawan, President Director of BNC.

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