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Rambus and American Express Australia introduce tokenization to e-commerce

Galia Ilan
|Oct 25|magazine6 min read

The US-based technology firm, Rambus Inc., has partnered with American Express Australia aiming for tokenization to enable merchants to secure e-commerce and m-commerce transactions.

Rambus has launched Rambus Token Gateway to connect global online merchants, payment service providers, and acquirers with American Express Token Service. This will allow users to tokenize card-on-file e-xommerce transactions.

Following the partnership, Rambus has become the first solution provider to embed American Express in its off-the-shelf retail token gateway.

 “This new partnership with Rambus will mean merchants can offer our card members even more secure payment methods at the time of checkout,” commented Robert Tedesco, Vice President of Global Consumer Services A/NZ at American Express.


“We’ll also to be able to offer merchants access to our digital payment capabilities such as Pay with Points and Smart Offers, to further build customer loyalty with their customers that use American Express cards.”

“We look forward to expanding this relationship in the future to further improve the buying experience.”

The Rambus Token Gateway has been developed with the intention of removing complexity from tokenization, which ultimately targets the reduction of fraud.

“Fraud continues to rise for e-commerce transactions and we need to give consumers more secure payment methods without compromising usability,” stated Jerome Nadel, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Payments and Ticketing and CMO at Rambus.

“By facilitating the use of tokens online, merchants and card issuers can increase trust in transactions throughout the ecosystem to drive higher authorization rates and improved customer conversions, resulting in greater revenues.”