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NSW approves construction of Australia’s largest wind farm

Addie Thomes
|Apr 6|magazine5 min read

The government of New South Wales has given the green light for Epuron to build a huge wind farm that will produce enough electricity to power 380,000 homes.

The $642mn, 1,000 MW Liverpool Range Wind Farm, based in the Upper Hunter region of NSW, will feature 267 turbines and four substations.

It will take three years to build and will span 36km from north to south and 20km east to west. Once complete, it will be one of the largest wind farms in Australia.

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Martin Poole, Executive Director at Epuron, said: “After almost 15 years working on wind and solar projects around Australia, Epuron continues to be committed to the clean, new energy system that Australians, and importantly our children, expect and demand.”

NSW Minister for Planning and Housing Anthony Roberts said the State Significant Development would pour large amounts of money back into the Upper Hunter community.

“It will also offer community funding contributions of up to $800,000 a year through a voluntary planning agreement with Warrumbungle and Upper Hunter Shire Councils,” he added.

The project is predicted to save up to 2.4mn tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions each year and over 47mn tonnes over the life of the project.

Epuron also says that it will save the equivalent of over 6,000 Olympic sized swimming pools of water per annum which would otherwise be used by coal generation.