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Bendigo and Adelaide Bank using IBM Cloud to develop new products

Pieter Vosloo
|Jun 21|magazine4 min read

Bendigo and Adelaide Bank is developing new banking products with the help of IBM Cloud and Bluemix, IBM’s cloud development platform.

Stella Thredgold, the bank’s Executive – Business Enablement, said: “IBM Cloud gives us the agility and security needed to better deliver innovative customer solutions across multiple platforms. It means we can operate with a start-up mindset with our speed-to-market capability enhanced, and this will ultimately deliver the best outcome to our customers.”

IBM Cloud allows the bank to run multiple workloads at varying stages in parallel with greater efficiency. Bendigo and Adelaide Bank has already used the IBM cloud environment to deploy its Redy mobile payment app.

IBM Cloud CTO, Australia and New Zealand, Andrew Kupetz, said: “Traditional banks that make the move to cloud will have the agility, speed and innovation to win out against these new disruptors and lead the industry. IBM Cloud delivers customers like Bendigo and Adelaide Bank the most comprehensive, enterprise-grade hybrid cloud environment, where they can take advantage of the inherent benefits of largest public deployment of Cloud Foundry in the world: security and the ability to connect with an existing IT system.”

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