Delta Energy Systems is not just a global leader in power and thermal management solutions—it is the leader. The company, with facilities throughout Asia Pacific, the US and Europe, has been the recipient of several global awards in categories such as business, technology and corporate social responsibility. Since 2010, Delta has received over 40 international design awards including the iF, Reddot, CES Innovation, Computex Best Choice and Taiwan Excellence awards. And 2012 marked the second consecutive year the thermal management solutions company was chosen for two prestigious Dow Jones Sustainability Indexes—the DJSI World Index and the DJSI Asia/Pacific Index.

The company was founded by Bruce C.H. Cheng in 1971, and has recently transformed from a product provider toward a solution provider mission. Its expertise includes power electronics, energy management and smart green life. Delta Energy Systems puts a lot of their man power into research and development, and is devoted to innovation and developing new products and technologies that focus specifically on high efficiency and energy savings.

Delta Energy Systems’ mission statement “To provide innovative, clean and energy-efficient solutions for a better tomorrow,” and brand promise “Smarter. Greener. Together.” combined showcase a company dedicated to key environmental issues and the development and broad application of smart, energy-efficient solutions.

Continuous Improvement

Being a leader in the power and thermal management solutions industry means that Delta Energy Systems is constantly striving to improve its products and lessen the company’s impact on the planet. With 54 research and development sites globally and 7,500 engineers who continue adding to the company’s close to 5,000 registered patents, Delta Energy Systems invests 5 to 6 percent of the group’s annual sales revenue to research and development.

At the Delta Power Electronics Laboratory in North Carolina, US, researchers and engineers develop high-efficiency and high-density power conversion products. Another lab in the same locale, the Delta Networks R&D Laboratory, develops networking products. Soest, Germany’s research and development team channels its energy into developing key power supply products and technologies for applications like hybrid vehicles, super computers, high-end server storage, telecommunications, data centres and wind power converters.

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A majority of Delta Energy Systems’ research and development locations are in China: 23 in total. The Delta Pwoer Electronics Center (DPEC) in Pudong, Shanghai develops energy-saving technologies. There are also CNAS (China National Accreditation Service for Conformity Assessment) laboratories in Shanghai, Guangdon and Jiangsu, and post-Ph.D. innovation stations in the research and development centres in Shanghai and Jiangsu.

The Asia Pacific has been especially productive and successful in regards to research and development, garnering many of Delta Energy Systems’ recent awards. In 2008 and again in 2012, the company won the Taiwan National Industry Innovation Award, and has been a repeat winner of the Thailand Prime Minister’s Industry Award (in 1995, 2010, 2011 and 2012.

The Asia Pacific has thriving research and development programmes in universities, which cultivate future talent for the company and the industry. Taiwan’s National Cheng-Kung University, as well as its National Central University and National Taiwan University support Delta Energy Systems programmes. US universities like MIT, Virginia Polytech and Case Western Reserve University have similar opportunities for interested students.



Delta Energy Systems’ drive for efficiency means the company is on the cutting edge of technology. This push on technology is allowing Delta Energy Systems to rapidly and successfully expand into several businesses related to power management, including power systems for data centres, cooling fans and thermal solutions, industrial automation systems, power trains and key components for EVs/HEVs, high-end projection systems, LED lighting and renewable energy.

Another accomplishment to add to its world leader title, Delta successfully developed the world’s first titanium-grade server power supply with a high-efficiency rating of 96 percent. Other technological contributions in recent years include the development and research of medium voltage drives, converters for wind turbines and green buildings.

With high-density and high-efficiency products the goal, Delta Energy Systems continues to lead the global industry, pushing the boundaries of technology and making their business practices as green as possible.

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